Hotel Alkion on Paros






Who knows, why love and harmony



came to you to stay



may be that some destiny



wanted it that way.






Dimo, you were out for fun



with girls, who would be nice,



but then you settled for the one,



much to your own surprise.





Fair enough, then should there be



a one who beats the rest,



you can relax, for luckily



you found yourself the best.






A little quarrel or fight



won’t blow away the spell



for all the love, you feel inside



enlightens this hotel.






Which you fixed extremely well,



besides, it´s nice to stay


at places, where no animal


will be turned away.


Now, you know, the reason why


I´m still an Alkion fan


and why, each time I say goodbye


        I know I'll come again.     




Dimo & Alexa